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William A. Burgdorf is a writer and storyteller of historical fiction. He and his wife, Nancy, live in the piney woods portion of east Texas in Tyler. He is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University with a doctorate in education, and melds his education with forty years of corporate training and human resource development expertise to write exciting, engaging, and adventure filled stories. 

He began his career as a secondary education teacher and taught, among other subjects, history. A double major in this field in his undergrad studies left him with his unquenchable love and respect of historical characters, locations, and events. This passion is what now contributes to the richness and details of his writing, and through his well-defined characters breathes life into history. 

His first foray into Western genre publications is the trilogy of The Bierman Saga (THE NEW MEXICAN, COMPANY A, and THE ARIZONAN). A familial tale enveloped in the New Mexico and Arizona Territories of the 1800s. In a raw, gritty style, it’s Zepaniah Bierman’s epic journey across New Mexico that encounters Mexican cavalry, Apaches, outlaws, and a strong-willed young woman followed by his children's western encounters and adventures.
Coming in 2018 are four new stories. 

HUMPS & HOOVES is a rollicking historical fiction about the U.S. Army Camel Corps in Texas in the late 1850s.

 Next, a new trilogy, The Westerman Tales (RED RIVER STATION, REPENTANCE, and BARBED WIRE). Chadbourne Westerman is a range detective turned U.S. Marshal who solves mysteries and engages in adventure after adventure in this series.

William’s historical research is solid and blends thoroughly with engaging dialogue, dynamic character development, vivid locale descriptions, and distinctive points of view for your reading enjoyment.  

"My goal is to provide a story that captures your imagination, feeds your thrill of adventure, and is remembered. At the end of the day, my sole desire is to be regarded as a good 'storyteller.'"

As a writer, I am always excited to share my stories with you. So, be sure to order those novels that interest you. It's my pleasure to share them.

Enjoy the journey!

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