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I offer tutoring assistance for high school and college students to aid them in their studies.

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Wm A. Burgdorf...a story teller...a writer!

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I am, Dr. William A. Burgdorf (Ed.D.), a retired HRD consultant and professional educator. I've spent over 30 years educating, developing talent, and progressing careers. 

Retired, my attention turns to those activities where I can share my experiences through my storytelling, writing, and tutoring.

I hope you enjoy Dr. Billy's Book Blog. As I research to write historical fiction, I am constantly turning over little know facts about persons, places, or things. I add these tidbits to my Book Blog and hope they are entertaining to you. Let me hear from you about the blogs. 

Please, check out the other writers highlighted on my website. Make sure to see what they write about and let them know what you think. 

As a writer, I am always excited to share my stories with you. So, be sure to order those novels that interest you. It's my pleasure to share them.

Enjoy the journey!

Dr. Billy