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As a new indie author, I struggled to find the best avenue to publish my books. 

Using search engines, I scrolled through the Internet and reviewed multiple publishing sites that promised many resources: formatting, editing, cover design, distribution outlets, etc. All were enticing to a novice writer who only wants to write. 

Many sources offered to take the burden of printing and distribution from my shoulders, let me do what I wanted most to do, and they would handle the other details.

I was intrigued.

Fortunately, I reviewed possible choices with fellow writers and, in particular, my experienced mentor. 

His recommendation carried the most weight with me. "Stay away from those who charge up front and demand the purchase of a quantity of books by you." 

I reevaluated those possibilities I'd selected. 

Settling at last on eBookIt. I reached out and called them. In a 'to the point,' frank discussion with the owner of eBookIt, I became assured on the correct decision. I have not been disappointed with my choice.

The staff of eBookIt have assisted me step-by-step through the publishing process, made resources available to me to facilitate completing my book, and arranged for distribution of my ebook through multiple major retailers. 

They are now assisting me with paperback production and distribution.

For new, or established, authors, I can only recommend eBookIt and anticipate that your experience will be as rewarding as mine has been.

Wm. A. Burgdorf

NO GREATER GLORY (book one of The Cutteridge Series). An RWA National Golden Heart finalist, a USA Today Lifeblog ‘Recommended Read’, & for nearly one full year, the #1 Civil War Romance at Amazon.

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Book #3 of the Bierman saga,

The Arizonan continues the story of Braxton and Byron in Arizona Territory of 1880-90s.

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Wm. A. Burgdorf...a story teller...a writer! 


Mosby & Sputnik


coming 1st qtr. 2018 --

 "Humps and Hooves"

On May 14, 1856, thirty-four camels walked down the dock in Indianola, Texas, exiting from their transport ship, the U.S.S. Supply. This historical fiction is an account of the adventures of the U.S. Army Camel Corp. 

Our new RV -- SPUTNIK (it's a Satellite after all).

"Zepaniah Bierman, a mustanger turned hunter, lies on the top edge of the rocky, sandy arroyo. Sweat trickles down his face and stains the shirt across his back as the sun beats daggers of heat on the Chihuahua desert.  Out there, is a scout for three riders that torched his ranch in Mesilla. The only way out of this eternal furnace is back to New Mexico; Zep will track them there encountering Mexican cavalry, Apaches, outlaws, and a strong-willed young woman that wait for him.  His trail carries him from Old Mexico to Santa Fe, surviving the Jornada del Muerto, and covering the length of 1858 New Mexico Territory discovering deception, heartbreak, ambush, friendship, love, and a resolution at the end of his odyssey that is terrifying.Type your paragraph here."


 A Great Read from Linda Pirtle

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   "COMPANY A"    


Book #2 - Zep Bierman's exploits as part of Company A of the Arizona Rangers contingent of the Confederate army regiments in New Mexico/Arizona Territories 1860-80s
This on-going family story engages readers with continuing adventures.


coming mid-2018 -- 

"Red River Station"

The Chisholm Trail winds through Texas on its way to Kansas. It crosses into Indian Territory at Red River Station. 
This historical fiction is an 
action-packed novel of those brave pioneers who persevered on the edge of the wilderness 




The quintessential American Western

told only the way the

Wm. A. Burgdorf

can do it. 

Book #1of the Bierman saga.

Follow Zep Bierman on his epic journey through

New Mexico of 1850-60s. 


If your taste is for historical romance say hello to Bestselling Historical Romance writer, CINDY NORD…the USA Today Lifeblog ‘Recommended Read’ author of NO GREATER GLORY, the #1 Civil War Romance at Amazon for one full year, and book one in her four-book ‘The Cutteridge’ Series. 


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Authorof the Month at KC Books & Music… Linda Pirtle!

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Linda Pirtle’s book: The Mah Jongg Murders has won her the Book of the Month Spotlight which means a direct link to purchase this truly amazing work from Amazon will be posted in my widget column for a whole month! It’s there now… Check it out! Well done, Linda!